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Sleeping Bags for Sydney’s Homeless

       Feeling the cold this winter? Imagine what it would be like with no bed or home to keep warm. Club Rivers wanted to make a difference to the homeless this winter, so they collected sleeping bags to be donated to the homeless in the city of Sydney.

       35 managers and staff each donated a sleeping from their pay this week to be given to the homeless. Club Rivers CRcommuniTEAM volunteers were able to personally delivered these  sleeping bags last night at Sydney’s 24/7 Street Kitchen and Safe place’located in Martin Place to some of the homeless in need this winter.

       The 24/7 Street Kitchen and Safe Place supports not only 35 homeless living in the shelter but also gives food and other necessities to homeless persons all over the city. This community space provides people with safety and food to help them try to get back on their feet again. It is run entirely by the homeless community, volunteers and donations from local businesses, community groups and individuals.

       Staff member Kathy was very moved by the whole experience “Being able to personally deliver our sleeping bags to individuals who need them most was very moving. It is amazing to see how an experience like this can bring people together from all different walks of life. I got to meet some fantastic people!”

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